Online Organize & Declutter Services

Accomplish your organizational goals with our personalized Action Plan and change our life. Virtually we will tour the areas of your home we will be working in. To design a master plan that will fit your lifestyle, we will discuss your habits, organizational challenges, lifestyle to accomplish your organizational goals, and easily adaptable practices and knowledge to maintain your new organized and peaceful life.

How Virtual Organization Works:

  • You'll complete a detailed Questionnaire.

  • We'll "walk" through your spaces via video conferencing (Zoom or Facetime call) to discuss and identify challenges and areas you have selected to organize.

  • We'll provide you with a step-by-step action plan, to strategically implement your new organized and relaxed lifestyle.

  • Enjoy your new organized, relaxed, and peaceful space.

Lifestyle organization Investment: $250

After our do-it-yourself suggestions have been completed the HHS&D property stylist will return and fine-tune the property for the listing photo shoot.

Fill-In Shopping:

We offer the advantage of our skilled shopping expertise with the selection of pillows, throws, simple art pieces, and more, apply the final touches to increase your home's marketing appeal.

From $75 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Furniture Arrangement (ONLY):

$200/per room up to 2 hours Let us show you how to use your space with the furnishings you already have.

Professional Organizing service:

We will assist you in transforming your unmanageable spaces by bringing order and peace into your home or office. We provide virtual organizing session guiding you through one space at a time. We give you that "Ahhh" feeling that make your home feel more welcoming.

Lifestyle organization Investment: $250

Short Term Rental & Model Apartment Staging:

Strong marketing photos are crucial to make sure your short term rentals, standout at first glance, booked faster, and often. 1st impressions are everything! Don't allow your listing to get buried. People can only see what they see and you have one chance to get them to click onto your listing. Let us assist you with showcasing your listing to potential tenants.

Fee Structure:

Short Term Rental Consultation fee ($250) + minimum fee of $2,500

Holiday Design:

Relax and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season! Let us take the stress out of the holidays by having an expert holiday designer work with what you already have to create a gorgeous holiday home perfect for joyful entertaining!

Virtual Holiday Decor Solution Consultation

Investment $200

In our intensive 2 hour virtual consultation, we will be reviewing your current holiday decor and how it fits your needs and your home's style. We will work with what you already have, as well as make inexpensive recommendations to hone your Christmas style and tie it all together so that your home really sparkles this holiday season. You won't believe the creative ways we re-purpose your current decor into a holiday home!

holiday style: glam, rustic, traditional, farmhouse, coastal, classic, modern, vintage or a mix of styles.

(Up to 2 hours virtual conference , each additional hour reverts to $100 hourly rate)

Additional Holiday Services:

Power Holiday Shopping $100 per hour

We’ll create a budget and shop for those gorgeous holiday accessories that work perfectly with your holiday vision and your home’s current decor.

We know where to go and even get “Designer Discounts” to save money on purchase for you.

Christmas Light Hanging

Take the danger and risk out of hanging your own Christmas lights! Our insured and expert light hangers will do the heavy lifting for you!

Additional services available based upon the home owner’s needs.