Our mission is to get every "stage to sell" client top dollar for their property and to make every "design to dwell" client fall in love with their home again.

A great, budget-friendly remote DIY staging alternative to full-service staging to help you create a strong, plan to get the property photo and market-ready and appealing to potential buyers. Be ready to take notes because our remote DIY Staging Consultation will provide valuable information, knowledge, and immediate feedback on how to best highlight your home's potential, by including your existing furniture and décor. Our remote DIY Home Staging Consultation affords you the opportunity to stretch your preparation dollars further, at the convenience of executing the staging suggestions entirely around your schedule and budget.

Prices Start At Just $200.

Rate following consultation: $75/hour.

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DIY Staging Consultation provides: (Click Here To Read More)

provide any of the following:

  • Curb Appeal

  • Color consultation as needed

  • Update Recommendations

  • Furniture arrangement

  • Accessorizing using existing furnishings.

  • Recommendations and/or options for furniture, artwork, or accessories needed, but not present in the home

  • Deferred maintenance issues

  • Optimizing space and traffic flow

  • De-cluttering and De-personalizing

  • Tagging items to be moved or removed

  • Window treatment or coverings

  • Specific lighting suggestions

Prices Start At Just $200.

Rate following consultation $75/hour.

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Budget-friendly Custom Designed Space At Your Pace

Our E-design Packages are easy and economical professional space designing for those DIYers willing to do the legwork themselves. We will create the perfect design plan based on your style preference, the room dimensions you provide, and the budget you specify.

The Process:

Through the convenience of email and online tools, we design spaces for clients, both local and anywhere in the world. This affordable option provides a design "roadmap" for you to implement your design projects like a pro!


We begin by sending you a questionnaire to gather information about your project, design goals, and what you envision for your space.


Next, we will request you provide measurements and photos of your space for us during our design process. We may gather additional information if needed.


Then, we create space plans, design, and color concepts, as well as furniture, and finish selections that fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.


Lastly, we combine all of our design ideas, tools, and tips into a comprehensive e-design plan that will serve as a "roadmap" for you to implement the design yourself!

E-Design Packages & Pricing (Click Here To Read More)

A discovery call, followed by you completing a detailed questionnaire.

Virtual Zoom call to remotely walk through the spaces of your home to discuss ideas and action plans.

We will customize a mood board based on your feedback. Included are a custom color palette, furniture plan layout, accessories, and inspirational images.

You'll receive a complete shopping list with purchase links of furniture, lighting, art, and accessory items needed to easily redesign your space

Install your purchases and fall in love with your custom-designed room!

Pioneer E-Design Package:

Discovery Zoom Call

• Project action plan Instructions & Investment Manager

• 1 Room Transformation & Inspiration Concept Board

• 1 Final Room Design

• 1 Customized Color Palette

• 1 Shopping List with Product Links

• Many Shopping Sources

• Designer Guidance and Support Notes

• Trade Tips & Styling Guides

Investment: $449

Ultra E-Design Package:

Discovery Zoom Call

• Project action plan Instructions & Investment Manager

• 2 Room Transformation & Inspiration Concept Board

• 2 Client Solution Revisions

• 1 Final Room Design

• 1 Customized Color Palette

• 1 Shopping List with Product Links

• Many Shopping Sources

• Designer Guidance and Support Notes

• Trade Tips & Styling Guides

Investment: $549

Serious Sellers Don't Put Empty Houses on the Market?

Vacant Home Staging Consultation

During our vacant staging consultation, we will provide you with a general indication of what it would cost to accentuate the best features of your home to generate greater interest and create an emotional connection for buyers.

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant home staging is designed for sellers who are no longer living in the home while it is on the market. HHS&D specializes in enhancing empty spaces with quality furnishings and accessories to promote the unique architectural features of your home, whereas crafting a model home appearance to generate greater interest and emotional connections for potential buyers.

Vacant properties are difficult to sell due to most home buyers are not able to visualize the property's possibilities and know only what they see and not what it can be. An empty house appears to be cold, uninviting, and small in size - not exactly that “welcome home” feeling. Potential buyers leave an empty house feeling empty, with a failure to make an emotional connection or the ability to visualize themselves living in the house. Many times buyers are willing to make an offer for more than the asking price when they feel a strong emotional connection to a well-showcased property that they feel is their “dream home” or the place they can call “home”.

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During our initial visit to your property, we will take pictures, measure, and assess what enhancements are needed. After reviewing your property, we will select the most suitable furnishings and décor, then provide a comprehensive proposal with the estimated staging investment to stage your home. The proposal will include the investment for the rental of stylish, high-quality furniture, accessories, and design services. Pricing varies and is dependent on size and rooms staged.

All packages include:

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Removal of all items upon the contract completion.

  • Vacant Staging Cost: One Time Fee + Monthly Rent

Minimum Fee: $1,400

50% Deposit is required to hold appointment day and time.

The home must be professionally cleaned and “Stage Ready” before the Staging Day.

Book your vacant staging appointment below or contact our office at (678) 230-4300.

We look forward to working with you!

Remote Occupied Staging Consultation

(Perfect for Homeowners, realtors, or brokers)

Minimize your investment and maximize impact with our Step-by-Step Staging Guidance and Advice by phone, video, and email. Why pay thousands of dollars? Save the expense of in-person consultations.

HHS&D will help you give each staged room a makeover, which will result in a faster and more profitable sale. We will make use of your current furnishings and our marketing strategies tailored to your home to highlight the home's best features and generate greater interest and emotional connections for potential buyers.

Over 90% of buyers look at your home on the internet before visiting, and staged homes are proven to sell faster! (Click Here To Read More)

STEP 1: Schedule Your Phone Consultation

During our phone consultation, we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and preferences, your timeframe, and your budget to gain a solid understanding of your home and staging needs. We will call you on the day and time of your appointment.

STEP 2: Video and Photos Submission

Before your phone consultation, we'll send you a link and instructions to upload photos and a brief but comprehensive walkthrough video of each room to be staged, and any inspiration photos you may like to share.

Step 3: Customized Staging Action Plan

Our designer will review your video/photos and create a detailed Staging Action Plan. The customized action plan will provide expert visual marketing strategies to highlight the best features of the space(s) and create outstanding first impressions that generate strong feelings of home for potential buyers.

Step 4: Execute the Stage

The HHS designer will submit a detailed action plan to the client. The designer and client will chat remotely to ensure the feasibility of our recommendations, address any questions, and provide alternate suggestions if needed to finalize the staging action plan.

Add on Service:

We can extend the advantage of our online shopping service ($75/hour - a minimum of 2 hrs) to increase your properties' marketing appeal. The Hart Home Staging team pours our hearts into every detail; it is a labor of love.

Properties up to 1800 sq ft. $299

Up to 1 1/2 hour appt.

Properties up to 3000 sq ft. $349

Up to 2 hour appt.

Properties 3000+ sq ft. $399

Up to 2 1/2 hour appt.

Interior Redesign Consultation

The redesign process begins with a complimentary meet-and-greet phone interview before scheduling the 2-hour consultation. Together, you and your designer will determine what you want and what best expresses your style. Following the 2 hour consultation, you will receive a customized Client Action Plan that details how to achieve a fresh new look using items you already own. The plan will include suggestions regarding furniture placement, design tips, cosmetic updates, and items to edit/purge, paint color, items to fix or repair, and a shopping list of optional items to purchase. We also can do the shopping for additional needed items to compliment the redesign transformation. As an additional service, you can choose to hire HHS & D to complete the redesign project for you.

Click here to read more.

During our 2-hour redesign consultation, you can expect the following:

Project Overview: We will address the details and concerns of each room included in your project to increase space optimization. To maximize our time together, please prioritize your design questions to ensure we maximize our time together and cover your most important concerns first.

  1. Design and Lifestyle: I will guide you through a style quiz to help us identify your home’s style and your personal design preferences.

  2. Color Advice: We will provide paint/color advice for the rooms we will be redesigning.

  3. Discover the Light: We will explore lighting and window treatment ideas as we browse inspiration pages and samples.

  4. Investment Goal: If you don’t have an investment plan, we can work out a total project budget. If you are not clear where to begin, we will partner together to set room goals and create an investment range that is healthy for you.

  5. Shopping: Once the project begins, we will shop online and purchase the new items (within your investment range.) that will beautifully showcase your personality and style! However, we shop your home first and document the furnishings to be incorporated into your final design.

The consultation is a vital part of every project; therefore, we ask that all decision-makers be present to avoid the need to make major changes to the initial project plans!

You will receive an emailed copy of your customized Client Action Plan for later reference that will outline what the designer covered. This meeting is structured to give you a compiled report and guide of the redesign objectives and task accomplishments needed to create the redesign for your space(s) before committing to the full home redesign service.

**Client will provide images of space and measurements.**

This service applies only to properties that have received a home staging consultation from HHS & D. We will do a one-hour walk-through of your home following the home staging consultation. Once you have implemented the HHS&D recommendations, and before the photos and listing. We will re-visit your home to answer any questions that you may have, review the work completed, outline any next steps, and ensure that you are on the right track! (Usually scheduled within the week before the listing photos.)

Vacant In-home Staged Photo Session $200 for up to 1 hour.

Paid upfront / Rate following session at $75/ per hour.

Strong marketing photos are crucial to make sure your short-term rentals, stand out at first glance, are booked faster, and often. First impressions are everything! Don't allow your listing to get buried. People can only see what they see and you have one chance to get them to click into your listing. Let us assist you with showcasing your listing to potential tenants.

Fee Structure:

Short Term Rental Consultation fee ($250) + minimum fee of $2,500

Online Organize & Declutter Services

We will assist you in transforming your unmanageable spaces by bringing order and peace into your home or office. We provide virtual organizing sessions guiding you through one space at a time. We give you that "Ahhh" feeling that makes your home feel more welcoming.

Accomplish your organizational goals with our personalized Action Plan and change your life. Virtually we will tour the areas of your home we will be working in. To design a master plan that will fit your lifestyle, we will discuss your habits, organizational challenges, lifestyle to accomplish your organizational goals, and easily adaptable practices and knowledge to maintain your new organized and peaceful life.

How Virtual Organization Works:

  • You'll complete a detailed Questionnaire.

  • We'll "walk" through your spaces via video conferencing (Zoom or Facetime call) to discuss and identify challenges and areas you have selected to organize.

  • We'll provide you with a step-by-step action plan, to strategically implement your new organized and relaxed lifestyle.

  • Enjoy your new organized, relaxed, and peaceful space.

Lifestyle organization Investment: $250 up to 4 hours

Holiday Design Service

Relax and enjoy your friends and family this holiday season! Let us take the stress out of the holidays by having an expert holiday designer work with what you already have to create a gorgeous holiday home perfect for joyful entertaining!

Virtual Holiday Décor Solution Consultation

Investment $200

In our intensive 2 hour virtual consultation, we will review your current holiday décor and how it fits your needs and your home's style. We will work with what you already have, as well as make inexpensive recommendations to hone your Christmas style and tie it all together so that your home really sparkles this holiday season. You won't believe the creative ways we re-purpose your current décor into a holiday home!

holiday style: glam, rustic, traditional, farmhouse, coastal, classic, modern, vintage, or a mix of styles.

(Up to 2 hours virtual conference, each additional hour reverts to $100 hourly rate)

Additional Holiday Services:

Power Holiday Shopping $100 per hour

We’ll create a budget and shop for those gorgeous holiday accessories that work perfectly with your holiday vision and your home’s current décor.

We know where to go and even get “Designer Discounts” to save money on purchase for you.

Christmas Light Hanging

Take the danger and risk out of hanging your own Christmas lights! Our insured and expert light hangers will do the heavy lifting for you!

Additional services are available based upon the home owner’s needs.

Fill-In Shopping:

We offer the advantage of our skilled shopping expertise with the selection of pillows, throws, simple art pieces, and more, apply the final touches to increase your home's marketing appeal.

From $75 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.