For Realtors

A great, budget-friendly DIY staging alternative to full-service staging to help your client create a strong, plan to get the property photo and market-ready and appealing to potential buyers. Our DIY Staging Consultation will provide valuable information, knowledge, and immediate feedback on how to best highlight the home's potential by including the homeowner's existing furniture and décor. Our DIY occupied Home Staging Consultation affords the seller the opportunity to stretch preparation dollars further, at the convenience of executing the staging suggestions entirely around their schedule and budget.

Get Started:

Free 30-minute Agent Information Call is your first step to learn more about how to prepare your home listing like a Professional.

Consult with a Certified Home Stager, Before Listing.

National Association of Realtors fined that 90% of people can’t visualize a house beyond what they see. Staging a house helps buyers imagine themselves living in it. Staging house has been proven to help sell faster. Staging a house gets it showroom and market-ready, and allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Staging consultations are more curtail now, during these times of the Covid-19 pandemic! over 90% of home shoppers are house hunting on line, and are used to seeing picture-perfect houses in person, on home decorating shows, and in online listings, so learning how to stage a house can make a huge difference in time on the market, money (ROI) when listing your client’s home.

Did you know if you don’t capture the home buyers' attention in the first 20 seconds you lost them?

  • 95.1% of the viewers viewed the online photo first before anything else.

  • On average more than 20 seconds was spent on the online photo.

  • Over 60% of potential buyers' time is spent on viewing photographs.

  • Staged homes photos were viewed for over twice as long as non-staged.

  • Over 41% of the viewers never read the agent's remarks. Don't just say it, show it!

Our Process:

First, we will have an in-depth discussion with the client to get an insight into their expectations and goals. Next, we can share how we “Stage for Optimum Results” using our 8-step, first impressions “FEEL HOME” staging process. We will help them disconnect personally and consider their home as an asset to merchandise.

During the walk through, we tour the entire property, from the curb to the back yard. The client will take notes using our first impressions, “Buyer’s Eyes” questionnaire and worksheet. We will give immediate feedback on furniture and accessory placement, color suggestions, overall recommendations, and staging tips to create strong photos and a market-ready property that will appeal to their buyer demographics for a faster and more profitable sale. We will work with what they already have, however in some cases we may recommend purchases or rentals to complete the look.

Occupied Home Staging Consultation includes:

§ Detailed phone interview to get an insight into their expectations, goals, and project.

§ Buyer demographic research, for custom target designing for their typical buyer.

§ Curb appeal landscaping and maintenance recommendation (Resource checklist provide).

§ Room-by-room recommendations including items for removal and rearranging/moving.

§ How to Neutralize, declutter, and depersonalize.

§ Lighting strategy for the photo shoot and buyer showings.

§ Space planning and room configuration guidelines to ensure each space is valuable to the buyer.

§ Identify existing furniture that needs to be edited or re-purposed.

§ Principal design strategy for balancing visual weight and sight lines

§ Paint color recommendations, if needed.

§ Open House Checklist.

§ Organizing and storage solutions for “staging the move” (Resource checklist provided)

§ Recommendations for repairs and upgrades that align with the client’s target buyer and price point.

Realtors often find it difficult or awkward to communicate to clients that their home may be disorganized or overly personalized. We have the expertise, to gently explain and educate the client regarding the marketing needs to present their property in the best possible light. We have difficult conversations, so you won't need to.

Vacant Home Staging Consultation

Contact us to receive a free email estimate proposal. During our vacant staging consultation, we will provide you with a general indication of what it would cost to accentuate the best features of the home to generate greater interest and create an emotional connection for buyers. A $100 fee is required to book your in-home vacant staging consultation appointment. When you choose Hart Home Staging & Interior Design to complete the hands-on staging services, the vacant staging consultation is complimentary.

Vacant Home Staging

The home must be professionally cleaned and “Stage Ready” before the Staging Day.

Vacant home staging is designed for sellers who are no longer living in the home while it is on the market. Hart Home Staging & Interior Design (HHS & D) specialize in enhancing empty spaces with quality furnishings and accessories to promote the unique architectural features of your client's home, whereas crafting a model home appearance to generate greater interest and emotional connections for potential buyers.

Vacant properties are difficult to sell due to most home buyers are unable to visualize the properties possibilities and know only what they see and not what it can be. An empty house appears to be cold, uninviting, and small in size - not exactly that “welcome home” feeling. Potential buyers leave an empty house feeling empty, with a failure to make an emotional connection or the ability to visualize themselves living in the house. Many times buyers are willing to make an offer for more than the asking price when they feel a strong emotional connection to a well-showcased property that they feel is their “dream home” or the place they can call “home”.

During our initial visit to the property, we will take pictures, measure, and assess what enhancements are needed. After reviewing the property, we will select the most suitable furnishings and décor, then provide a comprehensive proposal with the estimated staging investment to stage the home. The proposal will include the investment for rental of stylish, high-quality furniture, accessories, and design services. Pricing varies and is dependent on size and rooms staged.

All packages include:

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Removal of all items upon the contract completion.

Photo Prep Session

This service applies only to properties that have received a home staging consultation from Hart Home Staging & Design (HHS & D). We will do a one-hour walk-through of you client's home following the home staging consultation. Once they have had a chance to implement the HHS&D recommendations, and before the photos and listing. We will re-visit the home to answer any questions they may have, review the work completed, outline any next steps, and ensure that they are on the right track! (Usually scheduled within the week before the listing photos.)


Paid upfront / Rate following session at $75/ per hour.