Color Consultation


Is your home in need of a face-lift? Are you ready for a change? Are you stressing over the color selection process? We can help you select the perfect color palette for your home!

Color is the most important design element in a room, brings depth, warmth, beauty, and balance to your home. Your walls are the canvas backdrop for your furniture, artwork, and guide to the energy, mood, and emotions in life! As paint color specialists, we can help you select paint colors for every room in your house. We utilize the best methods to select your perfect colors. We will create a customized and cohesive color palette that will compliment your home's furnishings, accessories, and architecture to produce that sanctuary feeling, and mood you deserve and desire. Relax, we've got this!

Book time with our professional color consultant and let us bring beautiful colors to your home that reflect your unique taste and style. Contact us today to schedule your Color Consultation.

6 Things Our Color Consultant Could Do for You

  1. Help you create a color palette that will work with what you already have or your Interior Design plans.

  1. Save you time and frustration, because we have already researched the best color combinations for you.

  1. Save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes like paint color, and even paying a professional painter only to realize you've made a terrible mistake after it's on the walls. Saving you from expensive mistakes can help you stretch your decorating budget, leaving more money for furniture and accessories. Do it right the first time and save money!

  1. Help you make a final decision when you become stuck with fear of making the wrong color decision for your home.

  1. Share the latest and top trends, and which colors will make your home more attractive to buyers.

  1. Help you fine-tune the color palette you have already chosen, to give you the validation and confidence to move forward with your project.


What you will get!

Each Virtual Color Consultation is based on a short questionnaire and photos of your space. Within five business days of your submission, you will receive a customized report with three color scheme choices for the walls, ceiling, and trim in your space. Based on your answers we will also include technical suggestions such as paint type and, sheen. We may also provide a few additional design tips when appropriate. Each Virtual Color Consultation includes ONE REVISION, based on any notes you may have after the report is review.

Color Consultation Packages

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Your Custom Color Report Includes:

  • Three palettes for each room including wall color and the best whites for the ceiling, trim, and doors.

  • Paint sheen (i.e. gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat).

  • Easy to use color charts for your painter.

  • Reason for our choices.

  • We may also provide a few design tips when appropriate.

Our Process:

  1. Shortly after we receive your payment, you will receive an email questionnaire to help us learn about your vision, the scope of your project, and your space.

  2. You will also receive a request and instructions on how to submit photos of your space. Please check your junk/spam email folders if you have not received the questionnaire.

  3. We will provide you a color scheme with up to three variations you can choose from. We recommend testing the paint colors in your space before making a final decision. Test your color choices with stick-on color swatches (Swatch Right samples can be ordered) or by painting on paper and hanging them on the wall for a week to see how the paint samples' appearance responds to various lighting. Lighting can affect how a color appears, therefore testing is important.

  4. Each Virtual Color Consultation includes ONE REVISION. If we need to make adjustments after the lighting test, we will make the needed adjust and send you a new color palette.

Lead time to receive your Color Report is five (5) business days after we receive your questionnaire and photos.

Terms & Conditions:

Lighting can have a huge effect on how color appears, therefore we recommend testing paint colors in your space before making a final decision.

Hart Home Staging & Design, LLC. is not financially responsible for the material and labor of the finishes from our consultations.

From the time of purchase, the customer will have 14 days to complete and return the required questionnaire along with at least four photos of your space. Photos need to be taken in the daylight between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm. Taking your photos with natural light (without a flash) allows us to easier see the room's decor undertones.

If the necessary information is not provided within the time frame requested, a 50% refund will be provided, within 30 days of the original purchase.

Each Virtual Color Consultation includes three-color scheme choices, however, if you are unsatisfied with either color scheme we will permit ONE revision based on your feedback within five (5) business days.

Once our Virtual Color Consultation is complete no refunds will be given.