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Our hearts and passion are for PEOPLE. Their hopes, dreams, who they are, and desire to become. We believe HOME is where it all begins and where the journey of self-awareness, inner strength, and peace transpire. Our purpose and determination are to help our clients create spaces that feel like HOME; whether it's their real home or a short-term rental, which is a home-away-from-home; our surroundings shape thoughts, emotions, and actions.

As owner and creative director for Hart Home Staging & Design (HHS & D), my talent, passion, design background, and love of helping others have always been my driving force. At a very early age, I began working on Long Island, New York, in my family's high-end reupholstery and interior design business. I later obtained college degrees in Interior Design, Business Management, Business Administration, and earned professional home staging and redesign certification from Home Staging Resource.

During a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, I fell in love with the city! Within the year, I moved to Atlanta and began my search for my perfect resale home with a fully matured landscape that I deeply desired, and knew a newly constructed home would not provide. I had my heart set on purchasing a resale home. However, I repeatedly noticed that numerous resale homes failed grossly at presenting positive first impressions or the ability to appeal to home buyers by creating emotional connections. Eventually, I ended up purchasing a new construction home, because I realized the "feel like home" emotional connection to my home purchase well outweighed my initial desire for a mature landscape.

During my home search, I found myself wanting to help home sellers by giving them advice on the best ways to rearrange their furniture, emphasize the home's positive features, and downplay the negative features. During an open house visit, I shared my interior design background with the listing agent. Due to the lack of interest in her listed home, the real estate agent asked my advice about what changes I would make to the home. The listing agent and I discussed a few curb appeal changes, and on the spot, we made a few interior rearrangements. I also gave her advice about other changes the homeowner may consider. The open house listing agent contacted my realtor to get word to me that the homeowner made my additional suggested changes and received two full listing price offers and one over listing price offer within four days. At that moment, I knew my calling was to apply my talent and passion to helping homeowners and property investors avoid leaving money on the closing table and help increase their wealth through strategic visual marketing of their property.

Over the years, home sellers have become more knowledgeable regarding the profit gain advantages of professional home staging strategies required to prepare their most valuable asset, their home, to generate a faster sell and get top dollar in today's highly competitive real estate market. Statistics prove that 86% of staged homes spend less time on the market.

I love what I do! I feel it is not only my passion but a rewarding pleasure and a privilege to help homeowners and investors with creative and cost-effective solutions to sell their properties faster and gain wealth by not leaving money on the closing table. Our mission at HHS&D is to help our client's property spend less time on the market and putting more money in their pocket.

Hart Home Staging & Design put our heart into helping our clients gain wealth. We apply creative real estate visual marketing to present your property in the best possible light, generate greater interest, potential buyers, and more ROI on your property.

We look forward to working with you to create just the right look and feel to get potential buyers emotionally connected and excited about your property. We take a detailed approach to property merchandising and marketing. Our goal is to secure the maximum dollar value for our client's property in the shortest amount of time to allow them to move forward with their new lives with less stress and more wealth. Our goal is that everything we touch turns to SOLD!

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